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Organisational Overview

The African Diaspora Global Network is a network of the African citizenry by birth or naturalisation either individually or through associations who come together to find solutions to some of the fundamental problems confronting the African continent, amongst which, migration is an intricate conundrum.

The African Diaspora Global Network hereinafter referred to as the ‘ADGN’ comprises of membership based on organisations, such as Non-Governmental Organisations, Civic Society Organisations, Faith Based Organisations, Private Individuals, Business Corporations interacting with governments, international organisations, regional bodies in dealing with the problems that arise as a result of migration and the causes of migration, its benefits and drawbacks to both sending and receiving countries, dealing with the outcomes of migration such as xenophobia, afrophobia, homelessness, statelessness, access to services, crime, overburdening of service delivery systems, brain drain and the resultant underdevelopment and many other consequential implications.

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