Board of Directors

President and CEO of ADGN
Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda is an Executive Board Member and the President and CEO of the African Diaspora Global Network elected as the Executive Chairperson of the African Diaspora Forum in November 2018 transforming it into the African Diaspora Global Network. Dr Sibanda is passionate about Human Rights Defence and has the task of leading the organisation into the organisation that will make Human Rights Defence a priority in Africa. He has seen serious debates and ground-breaking initiatives on migrant children education in South Africa, Asylum and Refugee rights including the rights of imprisoned migrants on immigration regulation infringements as well as giving expression to rights to citizenship and permanent residence in host countries. Dr Sibanda is passionate with migration, the welfare of Diaspora communities and basic human rights of all peoples. He is business personality who left business to dedicate his life to Human Rights Defence and is a trained Legal Practitioner who specialised in Constitutional and International Human Rights law.

Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Mr Nelson Bassog is an astute business personality with business interests across the globe in Africa and Europe to be precise. He operates successful water purification and the automotive parts distribution interests mainly based in South Africa and Germany under the CN Group and reaching out to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, India and many others.

Mr Bassog a born Cameroonian, is committed to the growth of businesses across Africa and creating advantage for African businesses to spread across Africa and foster investment from Africa within Africa. He is passionate about the African investment initiative and will help drive this dream without looking outside of Africa, stimulating local investment and growing small and medium businesses into multi-national corporations within Africa.

Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Dr Isaac W Mantjie is an Executive member of the board of Directors born South African and running business operations in the Security industry and doubles up as a Director in Security and Intelligence in the organisation. Dr Mantjie is a former member of the former ADF and has always overseen the security and intelligence of the organisation.

He is responsible of the early warning and detection signs of violence towards migrant communities and the programme on management of crime in migrant communities working with the SAPS and other law enforcement agencies in South Africa and ultimately the whole continent.

Dr Rudzani Dustin Ramahanedza – Board Treasurer
Dr Dustin Ramahanedza is a South African business personality running several business interests. He is an astute and outspoken well sought-after speaker and presenter in religion, finance, business and many other areas of life. Dr Ramahanedza oversees the financing strategies of the organisation and serve as an executive member of the board as he also serves as the Director of financing and fundraising in the organisation.

Mr Zayeed Bagus – Board Secretary
Mr Bagus is a born business and organisation strategist and thinker who is good with boardroom perfection practices and organisational administration.

Mr Bagus is a South African citizen and has served in big institutions and drives a hard bargain in administration and running business units in big business corporations and his experience brings the required organisational stability and compliance levels required to run a fine and efficient continental organisation like the ADGN.

Ms Rhoda Nsama – Board member and Women’s League Chairperson
Ms Nsama born Zambian and naturalised South Africa is a well-respected and involved citizen who has a passion for women and migrant issues and has been very involved both in Zambia and South Africa. She has worked very closely with the Zambian government and challenged it where the need arose in human rights related issues of migrants in that country without fear or favour.

Mr Serge Babylus De Souza – Board Member and Public Relations Officer
Mr De Souza is a Benin citizen who is a media expert and was elected in the November 2018 ADF elections as the PRO and is passionate about media. He has served in numerous international organisations as a media personality and is and Executive Board member who also serves as the Public Relations Officer of the organisation tasked with the task of taking the ADGN to the next level in terms of publicity.

Prof Pragna Rugunanan – Board Member
Professor Rugunanan is a HOD of Sociology at UJ and has vast knowledge and interests in migration related matters and as an academic brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help guide the knowledge base and understanding of migration in the African context and in relation to global migration trends and management.

Rev Paul Claude Kabambi – Board Member
Rev Kabambi is a Christian Reverend who is an Executive Board member serving as the Director of Dispute Resolution and Mediation. Rev Kabambi is a mature and peaceful and peace-loving member of the Board who has served many years in the ADF and has always served as a peace maker. He is diplomatic and a born Congolese from the Democratic Republic of Congo and has been involved in many missions of peace building from the early years of the major xenophobic outbreaks in 2008 in South Africa.

Commission Directors

Mr Cyprian Ikani – Director Sports and Culture
Mr Cyprian Ikani is in charge of sports development in the African Diaspora Community. Mr Ikani has worked with the Gauteng Provincial Government on various social cohesion initiatives. He was also approached by Dr Khumalo the famous and deadly Kaizer Chiefs striker and National soccer darling in South Africa of the 1996 team of that lifted the African Cup of Nations. Mr Ikani is in charge of the Dr Kumalo Soccer Academy. Mr Ikani is a Nigerian citizen who is very enthusiastic and one of the founding members of the African Diaspora Forum in 2008.

Mr Stanley Egwautu – Director of Mobilising and Logistics
Mr Egwautu, a political graduate from Nigeria, is committed to the mobilisation of African communities into one large family even beyond just the migrant communities in general. His task is to ensure that migrant communities across the continent are mobilised, gathered and brought together to facilitate the protection of the rights and conscientisation of the peoples of Africa on their rights and responsibilities towards an accountable and forward leaning Africa that upholds the rights of all and most specifically the most vulnerable, the less educated, women and children and migrants. Mr Egwautu is a powerful and forceful advocate of a united Africa which has equal opportunities for all the children of Africa.

Ms Vuyani Hlazo – Administrator and Secretary to the Women’s League
Ms Hlazo has worked diligently as the Administrator of the ADGN despite her major role as an activist with a passion for the rights and emancipation of women to express themselves freely and without borders. Ms Hlazo is not passionate but exists solely for the free African woman, one that has fought and continues to fight the deep rooted African and world stereotypes about what women can and cannot do.
She is responsible for the administration of the women’s league’s work as well as that of the organisation at office level and commits all her life to the organisation.

Ms Gugu Angel Mngadi – Paralegal Officer
Ms Mngadi has been working with Human Rights organisations until she joined the African Diaspora Global Network family in July of 2019. She is a student of law and very passionate about Human Rights Defence and dedicates much of her time in documenting, advising and interacting with people who need legal assistants in various issues which include both native and migrant communities. She is in charge of ensuring that all organisational member and non-member issues brought to the organisation are documented, she interviews all our clients and is the first port of call for people needing advice and assistance in legal issues in the organisation. She is passionate, patient and a workaholic who loves her work and her cup of tea.